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Departure Dates 2017(other dates available)

Sun Kosi Rafting

31st Mar
8th Apr
17th Apr
6th May
14th October

Karnali Rafting

15th May

Kali Gandaki Rafting

12th Mar
27th Mar
3rd Apr
22nd Apr

Tamur Rafting

2nd March
24th Apr

The Original Peddle and Paddle

25th Mar
8th Apr
22nd Apr

Family Rafting Adventure

31st Mar
14th Apr
28th Apr

The Ultimate Peddle and Paddle

22nd Mar
17th Apr

Beginner’s Paddle Nepal

10th Apr
1st May

Whitewater, waterfalls and crocodiles

28th Apr

Catch of the Day

15th May

Sun Kosi 9 Days (Grade 4-/5)

Listed as one of the top ten classic river journeys this trip takes you from the mountains to the dusty Indian Plains. A thrilling way to experience Nepal and some of the biggest waves in commercial rafting.

Day 1: Leave Kathmandu by bus for a 3 hour journey to the put in point at Dolalghat, near the Tibetan border. Here lunch is served before you are given equipment and a full safety and instruction talk. After that we spend 3 hours paddling down river and getting to know each other. We camp on a white sandy beach where hot drinks and snacks are served after changing and camp set up. Dinner will be served at 7.30pm sound a campfire (where possible). Your trip leader will give you the program for tomorrow.

Day 2-7: After a 7.30am wake up call breakfast is served at 8.00am. We aim to be on the river between 9.00 and 9.30am. On these days we will spend 5-6 hours on the river, including lunch. The camp program will be the same as the first day.

Day 8: The morning program stays the same but today we have just a couple of hours on the river before arriving at Chatra, our final paddling destination. Here lunch is served after we change into our dry clothes. Out transport will be waiting to take us overnight to Kathmandu.

Day 9: Arrive back in Kathmandu at roughly 7.00am.